Google Analytics goals completion seem to reset after 24h

One of my properties (GA Universal) seems to “reset” goals completion after about 24 hours. I can successfully see my goal completions being reported, near real-time, when explicitly reaching the goal’s destination. The setup also seems OK (regular expression, verification says “This Goal would have a 21.74% conversion rate based on your data from the past 7 days.”) I have tried several days in a row and could see the completions for the current day, but on the next day, the completion counts for the previous days are reset to 0. Any idea why so?

In addition, while checking for the Goal setup, I got once an error/timeout with not list of goals being displayed. Should I consider some data corruption on my property/account?

Note that I could not reproduce this effect on a newly created property (everything else remaining unchanged, e.g. code).