google chrome – My introduction and a newbie question about Ubuntu

There other day, I finally decided to try out Linux and Ubuntu, after several hours researching and contemplating about the right distro for me.

After over one day of use doing most of the things I do on Windows 10, on the same laptop, I noticed that some programs are slower(?), take time to load, and sometimes crashes(?). I’m not quite certain except that it happens rarely when I was on Windows 10.

I’m on a budget setup that I’ve used for work for years and thought that switching to Linux would breathe life to my old PC. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea what I’m doing wrong.

Some things you might be interested to know to be of help: the programs I use that seem slower are the Chrome browser and Spotify. Upgraded 12GB RAM, have 1 extended display, and everthing I use now, I’ve used last year but on Win10. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I also hope to be a productive member of this community.