google cloud platform – GCP free tier upgrade to E2-micro caused total data loss

The server is a current Bitnami LAMP build I was upgrading from the f1-micro with a 30GB standard persistent disk to the E2-micro per the July 20 email. After completing this process, the username logged into the shell was the same account, but had “_gmail_com” appended to the end of it and all data in the /home directory and the Bitnami stack directory was lost! I mean WTF‽‽ How exactly does changing the processor and RAM in a VM without touching the standard persistent disk cause data loss‽

I have changed machine types on builds before during the free trial of a new account when building a new machine to increase the processing power during needed to run make files and such. Switching back and forth has never caused data loss before so I didn’t expect any now.

I didn’t take a snapshot beforehand as I didn’t expect that switching processors and RAM would selectively wipe data. I do have a full copy of the website on my dev box. I’m just not looking forward to rebuilding the server.

Any thoughts?