google cloud platform – Understanding GKE backup

I am looking to understand things regarding Google Kubernetes Cluster backup . I came across this document but this seems to be more on GCP Anthos On premises GKE Cluster .

I saw few blogs talking of a GKE feature to create a clone of existing GKE Cluster but I cannot find any option in GCP Console to create new cluster by cloning an existing GKE Cluster.

Can somebody please confirm if this cloning feature is still available in GKE or it is deprecated ?

Apart from Cloning a GKE Cluster , we need to take backup of Cluster resources and PersistentVolumes. It seems Veloro is a useful tool for this and it is GKE aware.

I am looking for further suggestions regarding GKE Cluster backup which takes care of both Cluster resources and persistent volumes. Any recommendation/best practises from Google on GKE backup