google drive – PowerPoint via GMail

I recently set a powerpoint presentation for a client via GMail.

The attachment was too big and was stored to Google Drive.
I thought nothing of it.

What is stored at Google Drive is not my powerpoint presentation, nor indeed, any powerpoint.

What arrived with the customer is not the presentation I sent.

I have several issues

  1. How do I prevent this happening ever again? I want to attach my work to my emails and send it to clients. That is my whole story.

  2. As a result of this mix up, my client refuses to pay. It is only $1,500. I would like Google to compensate me for my loss.

  3. Clearly Google has analyzed the contents of my attachment, an entirely private matter between myself and my client. I do not recall, at any time, giving Google permission to alter the contents of my email, and I am pretty sure that Haliburton (the client) and the government of Trinidad (the recipient) did not either. What can I/we do? Can I/we sue?