google drive – What happens when I delete a folder or document (or PDF) owned by someone else

2020 valid answer.

They will not be able to view the files but their files are NOT deleted. They can still find and recover the files they own

Steps to find and recover lost/orphaned files from Google drive

Step 1:

Log in to Google drive.

Step 2:

Find lost files by clicking on this link: FIND MY LOST FILES

by placing on the search bar:

is:unorganized owner:me

Step 3:

Recover files by just right-clicking on the file and selecting Move.

How to find and recover my lost files/folders in Google drive

To conclude

It is safe to delete files from your Google drive not owned by you.
Still, you should notify the owners on how to find and recover those (orphaned) files.

Following the above steps even removed files by anyone (created or uploaded in a shared folder owned by someone else) can always be recovered by the present owner of the mentioned files.

Noone can delete uploaded or created files in Google drive but the owner of the mentioned files.

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