Google Play Store – Do you accept payment using Paypal in the Android app?

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A recently downloaded app named namedoreader does not mention that it contains in-app purchases, but does offer an in-app purchase with Paypal.

I want to implement Paypal in an app, but under what conditions does Google allow me to buy apps in an app?

The related terms,

In-store purchases: Developers who charge fees for Google Play apps and downloads must use the Google Play payment system.

In-app purchases:

  • Developers offering products in a game downloaded on Google Play or accessing game content must use Google Play In-App
    Billing as a payment method.
  • Developers who offer products in another app category downloaded on Google Play must use Google Play in-app billing as a
    Payment method, except for the following cases:

    • Payment is only for physical products
    • Payment refers to digital content that can be consumed outside the app itself (eg, songs that can be played on other music players).
  • Virtual in-app currencies may only be used in the app in which they were first purchased.
  • Developers may not mislead users about the apps they sell or in-app services, goods, content or features
    offered for sale. If your product description on Google Play
    refers to in-app features that may require a specific or additional feature
    Your description must clearly inform the users about the payment
    required to access these features.

Here are some examples of products supported by Google Play In-app Billing:

  • Virtual game productsincluding coins, gems, extra lives or turns, special items or equipment, characters or avatars, in addition
    Level or game time.
  • App functionality or contentFor example, an ad-free version of an app or new features that are not available in the free version.
  • Subscription servicessuch as streaming music, videos, books or other media services; digital publications, even if they are bundled
    with a physical output; and social network services.
  • Cloud software productsincluding data storage services, enterprise productivity software, and financial management software.

Here are some examples of products that are currently not supported by Google Play In-app Billing:

  • Merchandiselike food, clothing, household goods and electronics.
  • tipincluding taxi and transport services, cleaning services, food delivery, airfare and tickets.
  • One-time membership fees or recurring contributionsincluding membership in gyms, loyalty programs or clubs offering accessories,
    Clothing or other physical products.
  • One time paymentsincluding peer-to-peer payments, online auctions and donations.
  • Electronic bill paymentincluding credit card bills, utilities, and cable or telecommunications services.