google play store – How can I download the last supported/compatible version of an app by knowing the Android OS version?

I have a very old samsung phone (Galaxy Ace) which runs Android Eclair. Surprisingly, Google Play and other apps still work and connect to the Internet, but there’s a few problems. I had to hard reset it a few times, and all the apps I had were removed. Until last year or so, most of the apps were still compatible with my phone, but now they just can’t be installed (they require a later version of Android I suppose, since it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version”).

So what I’m trying to do is to install every single app from an APK file, which I would download from the Internet. The thing is, I waste a lot of time looking for the latest supported version. This means I don’t want an older version, I want the exact last version that was compatible. iOS has this feature, if you previously “purchased” an app you can actually download the last compatible version, but I don’t know how to do this on Android.

Do I have to keep looking for the correct app version or can I get the last compatible version?