google play store – Pixel 2: no Playstore after lineageOs and gapps installation

I installed Lineage 18 on a Pixel 2 without issues. I followed the official guide (

The problem is that there is no Playstore after the first boot. I wiped again twice and redid everything without issues. Still no playstore and firstboot is normal.

I tried to wipe, install lineage, firstboot, then boot to recovery to install the, but of course that expectedly created problems (system not booting, sending straight to recovery).

I tried gapps nano and pico, same thing.

I’m out of ideas, any help will be very welcomed. I flashed multiple devices in the past and never stumbled on this issue.

Could that be a a-b slot thing? I doubt adb sideloading lineage and then gapps right after one another would send one to A and the other to B. Maybe MindTheGapps would behave differently?

Thanks in advance for any help.