Google Search Console – Where can I put my sitemap in my directory structure under Laravel? It is 404 in the root directory

If you look at your directory structure, there seems to be as many (all?) Files in the root of the document as you have uploaded sitemap.xml) are not accessible – all return 404 Not Found when publicly accessed.

It looks like this is a Laravel app and you may write everything in the new one /public Subdirectory (a typical usage pattern with Laravel). In that case you should move sitemap.xml (and any other files that should be publicly accessed) /public Subdirectory.

To confirm this, we would have to see the contents of your root .htaccess File. (Please edit your question to record this.)

TO UPDATE: Your .htaccess File confirms the above.

RewriteRule ^$ public/ (L)
RewriteRule (.*) public/$1 (L)

From your .htaccess File in the document root we can see that all Requests are rewritten in the /public Subdirectory. So a request for is rewritten internally to,

This means that your document root "effectively" /home/winnerrs/public_html/publicNot /home/winnerrs/public_htmlas you first thought.

You have to move that sitemap.xml File from the public_html Directory for public_html/public Directory.