Google Sheet – import cells from the same sheet, but increment evertime by 1 when copy paste

i try to achive the following, but with no luck so far.

I have a google sheet with data in the first tab wich is called “DATA”. The data is in column/row AE2, AE3, AE4 and so on. Now i have a design tab (in the same spreadsheet) called “DESIGN” where i import with “=DATA!AE2” the source data. But in this design tab, there are 4 more rows in-between (because it should appear as DIN A5 when printing) and when i copy the the whole DIN A5 “page” within the “DESIGN” tab at the end as next page, the source data is not increment by 1. Instead it increments the 4 more rows extra wich are in-between. So the formula is now “=DATA!AE7” instead of “=DATA!AE3”.

how can i prevent this and always increment by 1. There maybe an easy solution?