google sheets – Appending / Adding manual data input to end of IMPORTRANGE dataset

I am trying to figure out how to append / enter manual data to the end of an IMPORTRANGE list. In my spreadsheet, each tab is a month. I want to IMPORT the prior month’s list (rows) and then be able to manually add the new month’s entries (rows) to the end of the imported data set.

Is there a way to command each subsequent month’s tab to import the prior month’s list and allow new current month entries to be made – and so on?

For example: Tab January – there are 5 names (and related information), I would like to pull those 5 names into Tab February and then be able to add February’s new names (and related information) to the end of the imported January list.

Currently with the formula “IMPORTRANGE(“”,”Attendance Jan!A3:E50″)” when I go to manually enter at the end of the imported list, I am understandably getting the error “Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in A8.”

Conversely, maybe there is an option to tell the import to pull the prior month’s fields until a blank (end of dataset) occurs?

Thanks sooooo much for all your help in advance!