google sheets arrayformula – =IMPORTHTML forces content to date format

I am a beginner with code and formulas here, so I was wondering if anyone could do exactly what was done on this question:

Trying to use Google Sheets importHTML() to import a table. It forces content to a date format

to this table:

In short, IMPORTHTML changes sports records to date format. Changing the numbers format to plain text does not work when importing websites, as the format is preset. However, there is a workaround using the ARRAYFORMULA and REGEXREPLACE. When you open the link scroll down to Aurielle’s response for the single formula version. I have tried to implement the workaround for the NFL record link above, but I can’t quite find the right formula mostly because, again, I’m a beginner and I don’t understand these formulas. I was wondering if anyone understood this better and could give me the correct formula for this specific table of NFL records.

I would greatly appreciate any help!