google sheets – Conditional Formatting Not Working On My Machine, But Does On Other Machines!

I hope someone can help me with my current issue. I have an issue that my Google Sheets are not working on my Windows computer, but do work when I use the Sheets with other computers!

I make educational resources on spreadsheets where a picture is produced as correct answers are type in. The pictures are shown through use of conditional formatting. I originally make these on Microsoft Excel and then import them to Google Sheets. I have included a link to one of them below – I would be interested to know if people have any problems/comments!

My issue is, all of the sheets that I have made are not working properly when I use Google Sheets on my computer. What happens is after the first answer cell is typed in a massive chunk of the picture is shown and the conditional formatting becomes unresponsive. I have the same issues using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers! Also, concerning the conditional formatting for blank cells option – when converting to Google Sheets it is put to the lowest priority order (when it needs to be the highest) and if I try to move the order then Google Sheets just reloads.

However, when I use my Google Sheets on a different computer in my house then the sheets work exactly as expected! (Today I tried the sheets on a Macintosh and another Windows machine.)

Can anyone please make any suggestions as to why my Google Sheets will not work properly on my machine, but work when I change computers? I note when I have the sheets open in two different computers so a live picture is seen then the sheet displays what it should on the other machine, but not my Windows computer!

Thank you!

Example Of One Of My Google Sheets!