google sheets – Conditional formatting with custom formula

I have pretty much zero experience with spreadsheets but I’ve got what I think is a simple task. I’ve been keep a log of how I spend my time. I’ve codified the language so I can easily grab the information for conditional formatting. I don’t want to change the cell it’s in because that will have other bits of information. So I’m using a custom formula to change the cells in column C. I searched around and found a formula in an article. I copied and pasted and altered what I thought I needed. I got it to work but the problem is it only catches the string of characters if they at the beginning of the text. I need to know how to get the string of text from anywhere in the cell for the other words to be input for other conditional cells.

Here is the formula I found:
=REGEXMATCH($C3, “AGeorges*((^nr)*)”)

Here’s how I altered it:
=REGEXMATCH($B1, “Aates*((^nr)*)”)

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!