google sheets – Display a list of names if today’s date equals a date in any adjacent cell on the same row

It is likely that your list can be generated in several ways (and probably more efficiently than the following answer). Please consider this as one alternative. I hope that I have not misunderstood your requirements; if so, then please let me know.

Insert this formula in Cell I3 (based on the sample data shown below):

=query({B3:H7},"select Col1 where Col2 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"' OR Col3 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"' OR Col4 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"' OR Col5 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"' OR Col6 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"' OR Col7 = date '"&text(B1,"yyyy-MM-dd")&"'")

Note: cell B1 contains this formula:



Sample data