google sheets – do you believe the people that says you can get free ROBUX🤑🤑

So as you all know…you CAN’T get free ROBUX but some people said that you can, do you believe them? I kinda do (just saying lol) but people fake these things just to get more subs or to get more likes and views so just try to see if their lying or not from doing what they say and if it works then its not fake BUT if it dosen’t work ( just so you know I would um not sub or like the video bc they lied) and hopefully you do this to be sure bc there are people out there I know your like ” DUDE ITS NOT A BIG DEAL IDK WHY YOU CARE” I know… sorry i’m just aking and telling you something bc I just wanna know.. but i hope you have a nice day and stay safe bc a lot of people has been getting sick and I don’t what that to happen to you so be safe! But if you don’t know what the word bc means it means because…anyway bye! Oh i almost forgot to tell you that i’m just picking random tags btw and if you don’t know what btw means it means by the way.