google sheets – Gsheets Query Importrange not giving expected results

I’m having an issue with the Query(Importrange) function of Google Sheets.

I’m using the following formula

=Query(IMPORTRANGE('Importrangelink,"'Sheetname'!X1:AA130"),"select Col1,Col2,Col3 where Col4 = 'No'")

This works however if I extend the selection to AA131 (There is Data in AA131) then all I get returned are the headers. Alternatively if I instead of inputting X1:AA130 , put X:AA then again all I get are the headers.

Would someone know why this is as I have another sheet with this formula requesting the full columns and it works as expected

=Query(IMPORTRANGE('Importrangelink',"'Sheetname'!A:F"),"select * where Col6 = 'Yes'")