google sheets – How to Run a Query in GoogleSheets for New 26-Week Highs 2 of Last 4 Days Using GOOGLEFINANCE Function

I already have a query that returns a list of 26-Week Highs (from a sheet with my list of stocks (Column A), column of today’s high (Column B), column of 26-Week High (Column C)). I’d like to have a query that returns a list of stocks that have hit new 26-Week highs twice in the last 4 days (does not have to have been today). Is there an eloquent way to do this with nesting queries?

I am unsure how to compare the list of stocks to see if two match in any of the four columns.

I am trying to nest queries with an if statement so:
IF(Return cells if they repeat in 2 of the 4 columns from the following queries)

=Query(Sheet2!A:I,”select * where B>=C”);
=Query(Sheet2!A:I,”select * where D>=E”);
=Query(Sheet2!A:I,”select * where F>=G”);
=Query(Sheet2!A:I,”select * where H>=I”)