gps navigation – Is my GPS allowed in Switzerland?

My GPS is a TomTom 4PL60 6 Inch Go Premium or something approximately like this.
I may go to Switzerland in the next days.
I read the systems giving radar/cameras information are forbidden in that country, can be confiscated and you may get fined.

By the way I bought this because I wanted the “wide” 6 inch screen and navigation comfort… But it does give some info about radar in various countries. There’s a part of the radar info that requires payment and I never paid for it.

I have a vague memory that when I got the GPS I deactivated radar warnings for some countries that forbid it (so Switzerland, and if I remember well Germany and/or Austria), I can’t find where this option is anymore.
Earlier this afternoon, I did some upgrades through TomTom’s website and it offered me radar stuff, I’m not sure what since I’m not paying for the service, for all EU countries but NOT for Switzerland.

(At the time of writing there are things that I am unable to check as TomTom
services/website have gone completely wild in my country… like “server busy” “503 Guru Meditation error” (<-what?), or my user profile redirect’s me to the Irish or UK site…
Well I’m not sure if it’s only in my country, but nothing works at TomTom currently.

So is this allowed in Switzerland considering that it didn’t offer me radar information for that country ? (although the actual current state of the device vs upgrades is unclear to me)
And if this is forbidden, what other GPS could I use in Switzerland?