graphics – How to plot a set of complex numbers with given argument and absoulute value bounds

I want to plot the following complex numbers $$z in text{(complex numbers)}:pi/4 < arg (z) leq 5 pi/4, 1 leq |z| < 2 $$

I don’t know how to graph it so that it would look like 2D without any unecessary details. The closest I found how I want it to look is, when I looked at how graphing of parametric function looks. I tried to use contour plot to graph it, but I just can’t seem to do it…

ContourPlot( Im(F(z(x, y))), {3 pi/4 < arg (z) <= 5 pi/4, 1 <= abs (z) < 2}, {x, -.2, .2}, {y, -.2, .2}, PlotRange -> All, Contours -> Range(-5, 5, .5), ContourLabels -> True)

Does anybody know how to graph my set?