grub2 – Kubuntu won’t boot, ACPI error/exception

I have kubuntu installed but I can’t check the version since I can’t boot up. I’m not very Linux saavy. I haven’t used this computer in a couple weeks and after trying to restart it after a power loss get this:

( 0.00000) ACPI Error: (SB_.PCIO.XHC_.RHUB.HS11) Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20170831/dswload-210)
( 0.00000) ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, During name lookup/catalog (20170831/psobject-253)
( 0.00000) ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, (SSDT:DELL__MT) while loading table (20170831/tbxfload-228)
( 0.00000) ACPI Error: 1 table load failures, 7 successful (20170831/tbxfload-246)

BusyBox v1.27.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.27.2-2ubuntu3.3) built-in shell (ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.


One suggestion I found was to set acpi=off in the kernel line of the GRUB menu on boot, but my menu has no kernel line, so maybe they were outdated instructions. I see nothing referencing ACPI in the GRUB boot menu. Any help is appreciated!