Guaranteed Google Page 1 Ranking – Weekly SEO Service for $ 49

Guaranteed Google Page 1 ranking with my weekly S.E.

O service.


Indeed, this is the perfect White Hat S.E.O service for any marketer with a website struggling to get their website to the first page of Google. This S.E.O guarantees placement on the first page of Google in just 7 days!

This is an excellent and extremely reliable service that you should definitely think twice about.
We are proud that we have placed a lot of websites where they want and want to do the same for you.

You simply cannot miss it! Because if you do, you will leave Page 1 rankings on Google and so much potential literally on the TABLE!

This is by far the most effective and probably cheapest legal white hat S.E.O service you will ever find. Chances are like clouds, today they are there, tomorrow they are gone! Act now and order this appearance so that you get the freedom you deserve.

Let me tell you what you get when you order this Google Page 1 leaderboard with my weekly S.E.O service. GIG:

1. Accelerate your website by at least 100% (Reduce the speed of your website by 100%)!
– – Why should you speed up my website??

– You can see that Google is looking for the user experience on your website the most these days. That is, how well or badly he navigates your website. So if you have a high quality S.E.O website of excellent quality, stay there and listen to what you have to say. But if your website takes over 6-7 seconds to load, no one will wait that long, and this could be the main reason that you get little to no traffic!

2.ON-Page S.E.O and Off-Page S.E.O.

– – What are on-page and off-page s.e.o.?

– On-page S.E.O is when I do all the necessary tasks on your pages and post directly on your website to improve the rankings (acceleration, changing titles, images, descriptions) etc.

– Off-Page S.E.O is when I do all the necessary tasks outside of your website, such as E.g. backlinks, guest posts, etc.

3. Add the necessary plugins to better track and rate

– – What are these plugins for??

– These plugins help you in a way you can't imagine (if they are set up correctly, of course), as some of the plugins can show you exactly what your users are doing on your website, what they like and what they don't like and why she. This can increase your conversions by up to 65% +

4. Direct high quality backlinks and guest posts

– – What do I get from it??

You get 3 high quality legal backlinks in Google's eyes to rate your website better and faster. I will also write a high quality guest post with 500-700 words that contains 2 more backlinks pointing to your website, which increases the chance of ranking even faster. What sum in 5 LEGAL high quality backlinks.

They know what they say: "Quality over quantity always wins"; Well, you are exactly right! Sincerely, it is better to get 5 high quality legal backlinks in Google's eyes than hundreds and thousands of bad ones because bad ones will only harm your website. That's why I want to be so careful with your website and only give you 5 LEGALLY high quality backlinks. Penguin and panda safe so Google loves your website instead of hating it!

I will also send 1 new sitemap for your website to Google when I’ve finished making any corrections. So keep that in mind.

I am not working on highly competitive WEBSITES! No porn, adultery, gambling, movies streaming websites, or anything illegal! Your website must be strictly legal to work with me. I'm sorry, but since this is truly the best possible appearance you can get, I want to make sure you are legal so we can do business together and your website Sky-Rocket. Send me a message around the clock. I will contact you immediately so that we can do real work.

Order now and send me all the requirements so that your website goes to the moon with my 100% safe and legal S.E.O service!

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