gui design – Are collapsed filters an antipattern? or does it depend on the intended user?

So we are building a monitoring page intended for a specialized group of users who would like to keep an eye on their logs. We are implementing a filtering solution to help users find the type of messages that they would be interested in. While researching, I noticed that Shopify has implemented filters on their product page within collapsable panels.

enter image description here

Filters within collapsable panels are treated as a big no-no when building e-commerce sites and it is recommended to show everything and let the user scroll through them. Shopify admin doesn’t follow this pattern. I am aware the users for the admin section and the ecom site have different needs and use the products differently. I assume the Shopify’s implementations aims to give the user the birds eye view of all the available filters so that the user doesnt waste time scrolling to find the required filter. I have not see any ux design doc/blog supporting this implementation so was wondering what the consensus is in the UX community? I know this is very subjective and looking for your personal take on this matter and will be greatful for any links or resources that might support this type of implementation.