GUI Design – Treats two possible workflows of the same action

There is a part of the user workflow in the product I'm designing and having issues with.

The user is in a step where he needs to enter patient data in a modal window. Once finished, there are three things you might want to do:

  • Enter the data of another patient
  • just close
  • close and fast forward to image capture

Here's the global workflow for this interaction:

General user workflow

In one use case, you may want to enter as much data as possible in a single session without continuing to capture the image. And so they would several times "save and add more" and then "save and close":

Workflow for filling data

In the other case, if the patient is in front of the user, he or she wants to enter the required data and then continue imaging as fast as possible.

fast workflow

What I want to avoid as far as possible is that too many buttons are displayed (already three options + cancel the form). I also do not know which button should be displayed as primary. I do not want to risk the user losing what he should do after completing the form.

I have so far:
my gui

Here is an extreme example of another UI of what I want to avoid:

terrible example with too many keys

It seems to be a problem for users (you will find many tutorials if you are looking for "save and add another") with no clear solution. I've found related UX stack exchange questions (here and there) that do not address the specific question of whether to do several things after saving.

In the end, my question would be, is there any way to improve the user workflow by using a better UI solution?