gui design – (ui / mobile) Design of a communication tool without "instant messaging"

I'm working on the app in the medical industry. The purpose of the app is to connect patients and healthcare professionals and to facilitate communication, download special packages with additional information, etc.

The tool should:

  • temporal chronicle view of activities (latest activities below)
  • Give the patient the opportunity to make a request or send files to the doctor
  • DO NOT feel like an instant messaging tool – so there is no "free text" field. We want to keep patients from writing too often, and we do not want to expect too much from the frequency and speed of the healthcare professional. It is not a chat / chatbot solution

I was looking for inspiration from other industries. I have found so far.

example 1

This is a bit too "instant messaging" – like.
Example 2

Do you know any other good examples that could help me get inspired and design this tool?