gui design – What title could differentiate an “Inventory” page (containing items on-hand) from an “Ingredients” page (containing a full list of existing items)?

I’m making a recipe app with an inventory.

When making a recipe, the user can add ingredients from an included list of available ingredient. If the users cannot find an ingredient, he can add a custom one in the “Ingredients” page. That page has a list of all custom ingredients and all included ingredients. The user cannot delete the included ingredients, and deleting custom ingredient isn’t encouraged, because it would break the recipes that use those ingredients

The user can also specify the quantity of each ingredient he has on hand using the “Inventory” Page. The inventory is independent from the recipe and the ingredient page. Since the inventory page only contains information related to the actual inventory (perishable dates, quantities…), the user can freely modify the information and delete items.

I’m looking for a way to make it clear to the user the difference between the Inventory and the Ingredients page. Currently, I find that the word “Ingredients” is misleading, since you might think that it’s related to the ingredients you currently own.

How can I clearly differentiate those 2 pages? Thank you.