Guide to Google Ads offline conversions


Offline conversions are any valuable actions that you know have been impacted by your ad investment, but can’t be tracked by traditional conversion tracking.

Actions tracked may include:
– Trial to paying customer.
– Completed enrollment.
– Funded deals.
– In-store purchases.

UTMs are the most crucial component of offline conversion tracking. They ensure leads can be traced back to ad spend (provided you’ve set up proper tracking in your CRM/shopping client).

How to Set up Offline Conversions Through Existing Integrations?
Offline conversions tracking has two set-up paths:
– Import from an existing source.
– Uploads from files or connections.

If you’re using a popular CRM/ESP (email service provider)/shopping platform, the easiest path will be to upload from HTTPS. This will allow you to log into your “source of truths,” connecting them to Google Ads.

If you choose “Google Sheets,” be sure you download the right template. Whoever sets up the conversions should have minimum “Standard” level access, although “Admin” is preferred.