Half dead screen, trying to recover data (device not showing on file explorer)

i have a somewhat old Samsung s7 edge phone which (strangely enough) has only the lower half of the screen not working. This is, the whole screen lights up and displays eveything, but ONLY the lower half is unresponsive to touching. As such, i cannot unlock it and turn usb debugging on. It is not rooted nor do i know how to do it, i dont really know a thing about coding. I have seen many previous threads and web pages about this, but at most i am very confused and dont want to brick it. It doesnt have any really important files, but very old GBA roms id really like to keep, as well as some photos and pictures i may have. Any help apreciated! (and sorry for my weird english. i am not a native speaker, i dont know if it may have messed up)