haproxy – How to redirect to on premise node not on vpn

I have haproxy server running on linode port 80
that redirects traffic to on premise haproxy port 8082

 ---  linode node,
 --- onpremise haproxy node

and I have another node on premise that is not on the vpn for security reason.

I want to redirect traffic from linode:80 to on_premise via haproxy:8082

is it possible ?

I have been thinking to use (on linode)

redirect location 302 if { path_beg /octopus }

then on, on premise node (sees nodes on 10.8… as well as 192.168…) I have usual acl setup:

acl host_octopus_pix path_beg -i /octopus

use_backend octopus_pix if host_octopus_pix

backend octopus_pix
   server octopus

the octopus app is running on port 80 on