hard drive – SD Card Scam… Undo Hack to Original Size

I bought a 1 TB Micro SD Card off of Amazon and got scammed. When I put it in the computer it looks like it’s the right size. But if I reformat it or check the drive information with any kinda of developer tool I can see that 3/4ths of the space is “used” by nothing. Even right after a reformat. I zero’d out the card just incase but that did nothing (as I expected it wouldn’t).

What I want to do now (and need steps to follow to do this) is to undo this ridiculous hack and restore this card to whatever size it was originally. It might be a silly 8G card… or maybe it will end up being a 250G one… who knows. But either way I want to try and restore it and see.

Right now whenever I put a large file on this SD card it corrupts all files because its trying to pretend to be larger than it is, and it’s doing this by re-writing over the first few sectors over and over again.

So again, not trying to get the 1TB back… I know I was scammed and the memory just isn’t there in the card. However, I still want something for my money so I am hoping I can turn this back into a lower sized card.