hardware – Waterproofing phone after water damage

For the first time in over ten years of owning a smartphone, I accidentally dropped my phone in a toilet. The phone is a new Pixel 4a that I’ve owned for less than a week.

I did the following in order:

  1. I immediately pulled the phone out and powered it off.
  2. Opened the phone, and took apart all components
  3. Used a pressurized can of air, such as duster, made for cleaning electronic components to spray off components (tried to do it in a way that would not push water further into anything)
  4. used 99.9% isopropyl alcohol made for cleaning electronics to wipe off easily accessible parts of circuit board
  5. placed all components in a zip-lock bag full of silica packets (much better than rice alternative) and let sit for 3 days

I haven’t put the phone back together yet, but plan to today and hopefully it works.

My question is, since this phone seems to lack the waterproofing features that most phones come with (not that most phone are much better), would it be ok to add some waterproofing to the components?

More specifically, a Silicone Modified Conformal Coating made for electronics waterproofing?

I don’t know a lot about electronics, but my understanding is that some of these coatings can come in rather thin variations, and are made for this purpose, but not necessarily marketed specifically for phones. I would think that heat dissipation could be an issue, but if I was to leave the metal portion of the phone designed specifically for heat transfer un-coated to still facilitate heat dissipation, would that be a viable option to help safeguard my Pixel from further potential water damage in the future?