Have there been remotely exploitable, zero-click, wormable vulnerabilities in popular Linux distros?

What I’m asking is if there have ever been any vulnerabilities of the following kind, especially recently, and if so how many or how common they have been.

The vulnerability:

  • Must be present in the OS/distro in its default configuration. For example, a vulnerability in Photoshop doesn’t count, because Photoshop isn’t installed by default in any OS that I know of.
  • Must be exploitable from the network (either from LAN or WAN, it doesn’t matter, all it matters is that no physical access should be required).
  • Must be a zero-click flaw, so user interaction should not be required at all. Not even triggered by social engineering: the OS should be able to be compromised just because it’s running and connected to a network, with nobody at the keyboard).
  • Must be in a relatively popular OS/distro, so "Rare Distro Linux" or "Temple OS" don’t count. I’m interested in Linux-based or Linux-related environments, but if you also have examples from other areas you can mention them for completeness (I think some WinXP release would qualify but I’m not sure).