headphones – Can’t play accurate audio direction in games using 3.5mm audio jack?

recently I tried to run android games on my laptop in Gameloop emulator (shooter games in general). after playing a couple of minutes in PUBG Mobile with the same headphone on, I noticed that the audio direction and footstep sound are far more clear and accurate than what it sounds on my mobile (I own a non-rooted Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro with latest MIUI 12 on it, and an off-brand over-ear headphone “beats” that not exist on the internet BTW.).

I saw this question on this site, and if I’m not wrong, it says that I cannot play more than 2 channel audio on a 3.5mm headphone jack! But since I was able to hear more accurately on my pc with the same 3.5mm audio jack(aux), I thought there could be a solution for that.

Is there something I can change on my phone to make it output sounds like my pc, or even make it a little more accurate?

another thing I want t mention is, my mobile doesn’t even split left or right channel while playing surround videos on youtube. I cannot tell if the sound is completely from the left channel or right because both sides of the headphone play the same sound.

thanks for your suggestions.