headphones – Lower half of Apple watch screen doesn’t respond to touches any more

I’ve had this Apple Watch 3 for almost three years. Earlier this year a hairline crack appeared diagonally across the glass and the bottom half of the screen no longer responds to my touches. Also, the display doesn’t light up when I look at the watch anymore like it used to. The top half work and I can control the watch for touches to the top half, but most buttons are on the bottom and I can’t dismiss screens. For example, I used to have a pair of wireless Anker earbuds but it broke and the Apple Watch keeps searching for it and won’t let me change to my new wireless earbuds. Any one know how to control the watch from the iphone for example, like changing settings and such?

I am going to get a new Apple Watch 6 in a few weeks but trying to make do with a beloved watch that I’ve had 3 years now.