health – Pain management emergency in Mexico

A friend of mine (American) is in Mexico (Playa del Carmen, near Cancun). She’s in extreme abdominal pain due to several chronic conditions (11/10 pain). She is near incapacitated at the moment because of it, wailing.

She does not have her normal pain medication, which is oxycodone. We’ve been to multiple clinics and hospitals in Tulum and Playa del Carmen but they don’t have it and seemingly can’t do anything for her.

The doctors here have tried to put a needle in her with other strong medicines, but her veins are too small.

She does not have travel insurance.

Where can she get oxycodone or find a decent hospital that can manage her pain?

Her pain is so severe that I think the only other option is medical evacuation. Does anyone suggest a smart way to go about this? I realize it can cost tens of thousands but at this point, what other option is there?

Perhaps evacuation to Mexico City, would they have advanced pain management there? How to go about this?

I’m on a plane now (from elsewhere in Mexico) to see her so have limited connectivity. I’d appreciate your ideas.