Hello from a retired real estate investor

Hi everyone … I stop learning and contributing where I can … my strength is investing in real estate. So, if there was an issue to invest in real estate, I would much better offer my personal help. Anyway, I am also a copywriting and marketing student, which would probably be better for DP. But as for the rest of the topics, I am here to learn.

A little bit about me … I worked full-time as a police officer for about 14 years and worked on real estate investments that had a damn good result (14 real estate after bankruptcy without cash or credit). I had written a course, written a book, an e-book and trained others to invest in real estate. The market collapsed and I was pushed into the night shift so real estate management (and fatigue) was a problem and I sold the real estate but did not lose my tail as many investors did.

And then … just over a year ago, when I was blocking a highway exit due to an accident on duty, a drunken driver drove me at full speed. One year of physiotherapy, injections, epidural, etc. in rapid succession. Just over a week ago, two discs were replaced in my neck, and I was eventually sent to an outstanding neurosurgeon. I will probably also have back surgery in the near future. The city forced me to go into "medical retirement" and hopefully the "retirement income" will start until December (anywhere between 25 and 50% of my salary … oh, and they have also taken our insurance). On the positive side, I got a nice shiny medal and a badge. But sarcasm excluded, I am very grateful and happy that I live and not paralyzed, so my children have a father and my wife has a husband … some police officers (and military personnel) are not so lucky!

Start working on a podcast so I can help at least some people in the real estate niche while I'm in bed healing myself! If I can help you, do not hesitate to ask, and if you are the "praying kind" and reading this … Please take a few seconds and pray for me (and my wife and children). .. the last year he was !! on them.)

All the best … nice to meet you "virtually", and please … do not drink and drive !!