Hello from Canada. Internet marketers!

I am also no guru internet marketer. I'm sure guru internet marketers are too busy creating things and putting everything on automatic and generating revenue streams that we can only dream of … if it's just a simple step-by-step approach that we can follow and eventually make income streams, sell good stuff like our own ebooks, etc. … something real, something original … instead, it's always one money-making system after another … it gets boring , So I'm looking for a simple way to set up my original works and earn money, nothing else. But nowadays, everyone is obsessed with selling the same old product over and over again until it dies, and they still do. The margins are getting tighter, and everyone is fighting for the nineteenth cent or whatever. How funny is that? That's why it took me a long time to study, read, try to see the motives and hidden plans of people selling something … I want something HONEST … so I write my ebook based on that, What works with quit smoking and I love the smokeless lifestyle I have, thought I was not getting rich or anything, the money I saved with the smoke is great and the health is better. So I thought I could sell my idea that people would reward me if they realized that my methods helped them quit smoking with mental power. Ah great. It will take time. Do not worry.