Heymman Servers • $219 • Quad E5-4657L v2 • 48 cores • 384GB RAM • SSD HW RAID • 200TB @ 2Gbps LACP

Offering dedicated web hosting services since 2011, Heymman Servers strives at providing small and medium businesses the biggest bang for their buck. Specializing exclusively in high-powered dedicated servers rental, Heymman Servers provides cutting edge servers geared towards the most demanding online applications, virtualization platforms and high traffic websites, at a very competitive price point.

We currently offer the following exciting deal in Kansas City :


Kansas City – Ivy Bridge Quad E5-4657L v2, 384GB RAM, 200TB @ 2Gbps LACP :

Quad E5-4657L v2 (total of 48 cores / 96 threads @ 2.40 GHz, turbo @ 2.90 GHz) processors
48x 8GB (384GB) DDR3-1333 ECC memory
1x 2TB Crucial MX300/MX500 solid state drive (SSD)
LSI 9361-8i (1GB cache with CacheVault) hardware RAID controller
HP Proliant enterprise grade server hardware
N+1 redundant power supplies
HP iLO 4 Advanced (remote reboot, KVM and virtual media)
4 IP addresses (/30, 1 usable)
200TB traffic @ 2x 1Gbps LACP

Only $219 per month. No contract, no setup fee.

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Server deployed within 48 hours.

Some available upgrades :

> Additional 2TB Crucial MX300/MX500 solid state drive (SSD) : +$40/mo.
> Additional 1TB Seagate Constellation ES.2 enterprise grade hard drive (HDD) : +$8/mo.

New orders only.


If you have any question, need a test IP address or test file, please contact us at : https://support.heymman.com/contact.php
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Thanks for your interest.