homebrew – Cannot find todo and apts in the $HOME directory for `calcurse` open source calendar application

I just installed calcurse, an calendar open source solution (which looks great!). I installed version calcurse version 4.7.1 via homebrew

This might not be a bug but I unfortunately can’t find the answer elswhere: I cannot find where the todo and apts are located. In $HOME/.config/calcurse I could find

conf   hooks/ keys

but neither todo nor apts

The other location where brew installed things is in /usr/local/Cellar/calcurse/4.7.1. But there I could not find the file neither

Those files probably exist somewhere because, I imported several time appointments from a .ics file and I have (several) duplicates of those appointments. I searched for similar problems but didn’t find any

How can I locate those files (todo and apts)?

Many thanks in advance!