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Asked to define the function on the range of $x$ values between $-10$ and $10$. Then produce two plots of the function for $x$ values between $-10$ and $10$ under the following assumptions:

a) Plot the function $y=f(x)$ where $(x,y)$ are standard Cartesian coordinates.

b) Plot the function $r=f(theta)$ where $(r,theta)$ are polar coordinates.

These are the functions:

  1. $f(x)=sin(3x)+1$
  2. $f(x)=sin(7x)-3$
  3. $f(x)=3(cos x)^2-3(sin x)^3+3$
  4. $f(x)=x$. Plot this function for $x$ between $-50$ and $50$