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We offer 4 plans :
Weekly – 10% profit after 7 days, paid once to your account balance
Bi-Weekly – 22% profit after 14 days, paid twice (once a week) to your account balance
Tri-Weekly – 33% profit after 21 days, paid thrice (once a week) to your account balance
Monthly – 45% profit after 30 days, paid once to your account balance

You can deposit via ETH, LTC and BTC
Minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC, 0.22 LTC or 0.015 ETH
Minimum investment amount in any of our 4 plans is 0.0015 BTC
Minimum withdraw amount is 0.0016 BTC, which will be converted to the same amount of ETH or LTC if you decide to withdraw in those currencies.

We also offer a 5% commission for the first deposit your referral makes.

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Your withdraw request (#TNX93981282) has been successfully processed and a total amount of 0.001995 BTC has been withdrawn from your account. Your funds transferred into your account as below.

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1DXxsKivdJWCmUKSfaERNvVbSh9hzFHx6e (Crypto Wallet).

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