hooks – How do I programmatically fix local menus to be shown only for one type of bundled node?

This is my code:

  route_name: view.great_view_name1.page_1
  base_route: entity.node.canonical
  title: 'Updates'
  weight: 50

  route_name: view.great_view_name2.page_1
  base_route: entity.node.canonical
  title: 'Subscriptions'
  weight: 50


The submenus are shown on all nodes. I would like it for a single type of entity, when I use the entity name in the base_route such as entity.TYPE.canonical, it doesn’t work. It works for other such entities that are defined in Classes with annotations.

I know it is possible to fix through hook_menu_local_task_alter but this is something that I believe can be fixed within the links.task.yml file.