Hostgator Review – 5 years and counting!

I completed nearly 13 years in the website*development world. I have been with Hostgator for the past 5 years and it has been great so far. My usage now is limited and I have no actual hosting business. After losing trust and data, I decided to quit the reseller hosting business. <Had very poor experience with master reseller of rls hosting, hostus and host4geeks.>

I had some web development projects which I moved to Hostgator from Host4Geeks. I would like to share my experience:

1. Best uptime ever, nearly 99.9% uptime for the last 5 years.
2. Best email services. IPs are whitelabelled and just 1 incident of spam filtering over the tenure.
3. 2-3 incidents created by Hostgator for affected wordpress*sites. <issue was with plugins>
4. Automatic*backup and update of WordPress via Softaculous. Though used this feature once to restore the affected site.5. Free letsencrypt SSL for all domains.


1. Charges for everything:
a. Site restoration – Fill some forms, waste some time, then they will ask for money.
b. cPanel migration – I am not sure about the charges but they denied doing it for free. Good thing, I got ssh access so did the migration myself.
c. SSL cert installation charges – If you want to install some certificate, there was no option in WHM and support asked for money again.

2. Tech Support is a bit slow.
a. IP unblocking took them hours.
b. Chat support has limited access and keeps you on hold if there are limit based issues in WHM.
c. Email spam filters were blocking some of the emails and the team took 1 day to understand the problem.

Thanks for reading!