hotels – How did they know?

Last October (2019), we stayed at Raffles Jakarta for 7 days, it was a business trip. The hotel was fantastic and exceeded our expectations.

On the third day, we had a business lunch arranged by the hotel (a buffet), one of my colleagues who is allergic to seafood had some prawns accidentally causing him a severe allergic reaction which required an immediate medical intervention which was arranged by the hotel very quickly.

Two hours later my colleague was fine, he was able to go back to his room, which was on the 5th floor, while the whole action was on the second floor if I remember correctly. On the way to his room, almost every staff member he met asked him if he was OK! At first, he thought the staff witnessed the accident somehow, but the story does not end.

Literally, wherever he was moving inside the hotel for the two days following the accident, regardless of the floor, the staff would approach him nicely and ask him if he was OK and if he needs anything. I am talking about all kinds of staff, room service, housekeeping, maintenance, pool staff, etc.

Funny thing is, the business trip was about “service excellence” as I work in the hospitality business (airlines, not hotels). In one of the seminars on that trip, we actually included this story as an example, yet we didn’t know how was the staff all over the hotel briefed about my colleague, how did they approach him every time they see him, and ensured that he forgets this bad experience in a magical way.

The question: How did the staff know? there were hundreds of guests at the time staying at the hotel, I would understand that this would be easy if my colleague had green or blue skin, but he looks like any other guest!
Was his photo sent to the staff? perhaps from the passport copy they had? what was actually going on?