Hotels – victims of a holiday Scam, how should I receive the refund?

I booked accommodation through for a stay in London UK June 1 through June 7, 2019 on June 23. I used my credit card. They deducted the full amount on the 25th. After that, I have several times updated my check in request at However, the request was expired due to lack of response from the owner. I also tried to reach by phone and emails, but little to no response from them.

Here are the reasons why I am firmly convinced that I am a cheater:

  1. The property I booked is no longer available on Property name Westminster Gardens is located at 24 Strutton Ground, Westminster Borough, London SW1P 2HR, United Kingdom. I checked this address and this is the address of a hair salon.
  2. They use the same images with different names and different places in New name: London Prime Homes in West End and Westminister with new address: 104-105 Pall Mall, Westminister Borough, London, SW1Y 5EW, United Kingdom.
  3. You send me the second bill with the message that the amount is not paid.
  4. You have used 3 different phone numbers in 3 different places and 2 different email addresses:
    In the website has: +447553076066. The bill they sent on December 25 is: +447523145097 and the following e-mail address:
    They sent a second bill on January 8 and said that the amount was unpaid, even though they deducted the full amount on December 25th. The second one had the phone number: +447923337233 and another e-mail address:
  5. The first phone number +447553076066 is attached to an organization in the UK:

Complaint on, but it's been almost a month and they have not found a solution.