How can I make a Linux machine accessible to my home’s network when it’s tethered to my Windows 10 PC?

I have an old computer running Lubuntu that I connected to my main Windows 10 PC through Windows 10’s tethering functionality. I would like to use my Linux machine as a server (Apache, Minecraft, etc.), but I can’t figure out how to make it communicate with the router directly for the purposes of port forwarding. From what I’ve learned, Windows tethering creates a local network which is where all tethered devices reside; I have considered somehow port forwarding from the router to the Windows machine and again from the Windows machine to the Linux machine, but I haven’t found any good resources online for doing this, and I am unsure of whether or not it’s a real possibility at all.

Is there any reasonable way to achieve this? I’m not very savvy when it comes to networking, so please feel free to address any na├»ve mistakes I may have made in my explanation.