How can I rename variable name for the entire C++ code in CodeBlocks?

The title might be vague so here is a part of the code I’m referring to:

line 8 int main () {
line 9 string jpnum(10) = {“ichi”, “nii”, “san” , “shi”, “go”, “roku”,
line 10 “shichi”, “hachi”,
line 11 “kyuu”, “jyuu”} ;
line 12
line 13 cout << jpnum(7) << “nn”;

When I double click the string jpnum on line 9, it highlights the string for both lines 9 and 13. However, I can only edit/rename the string for line 9.

I want to know what do I click/what shortcut do I type so I can rename them all of them and save me lots of time (especially when the variable is used multiple times throughout the code).

If I right-click it shows a lot of options but I don’t think Edit and Folding works. Any thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks