How can we stop the international white genocide staged by the Jewish bankers and their non-Jewish shamans?

In fact, it is more staged by the Muslims than by the Jews. But you're right, the Jewish people – though not active – certainly do nothing to stop it, and they manipulate white people for their personal gain. The problem is that many whites lack the confidence to work for their own people. They often want the favor of blacks, Hispanics and Jews and / or Muslims instead of wanting the favor and respect of members of their own race / people.

If the whites acted like a black or Jewish community, we would increase our population by far and earn even more money at our jobs than we currently do, and so on.

Not a single white writer of all time should abuse other whites for anything "racist" until every black, hispanic, and jewish writer smells the racism of his own people. Otherwise, we contribute to our own decline.

You can not blame others for your problems … I say that as a white man. Take responsibility for your own life first – be proud, be confident, go to the gym and become muscular, take care of yourself and your looks. Shave and look good. Well dressed. Smell good. Wear Cologne. And take your good looks and convince other white people in your daily life to feel self-confidence and pride in themselves. You see a white couple with a new white baby? And you are friends with this person or know them? Congratulate them on their new baby, say how beautiful it is and ask jokingly when the next one is! Tell them you are so proud of them. Make sure they feel good when they refill and have a baby. Make her proud of herself.

Similarly, if a white person makes other whites mischievous or disrespects racism by whites, just look at them like "…. wtf dude?" and they show negative feelings, making themselves stupid and embarrassing when they speak publicly about their own people. Even if you do not say it directly, let it be from your facial expressions. Then you can say something like, "Does it bother you when there are many examples that concern blacks, Hispanics, etc., that are racist for you and your own people, or are you only interested in whites being racist?" If they do not have a good answer, look them in the eye in disbelief until they feel unwell.

If the white people regain this confidence, that self-assurance, then their actions will naturally follow and they will cease to be so fearful and self-hating and vilify themselves.