How did you learn forex? – Discussions & Help

Hello ali555,

There is no substitute for experience, and this is never as true as in the world of Forex. Unfortunately, the time required to gain the required experience can be very costly as you learn the best techniques and strategies. I know that this is true, because that's how I learned the trade. That cost me a lot of time and money before I started earning anything.

There is a faster and safer way to do that. You are looking for someone who you can trust and who has the experience you need and who is willing to come by. The problem is finding someone you can trust, and this is not easy, especially in this business. They need to review their track records to make sure that they not only talk about forex trading strategies, but actually practice what they're talking about and review the testimonials of people who have gone through their training.

It took a while, but I found someone named Marc Walton. This turned out to be lucky and helped me to earn constant money. He has a program called Forex Mentor Pro and if you are interested, you can find a link to my website that contains more information about this program. In which way you move forward, I wish you good luck.

Greetings, John